For over 20 years, our agency has generated ideas that drive commercially successful projects focused on the design of alcoholic products.
As a recognized authority in the field of design, branding, market research and consulting, the S-design team’s skilled experts aim to CREATE INNOVATIVE BRANDS THAT FIT INDIVIDUAL CLIENT AMBITIONS. Our strategic point of view focuses on solving the most complex challenges in the design and branding industry of alcoholic product packaging and developing COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS THAT EXCEL ON THE WORLD MARKET.
Our research starts with identification of a typical target consumer from the market sector. Using the target consumer’s individual characteristics, we develop a clear and creative marketing strategy.
Our consultations help our clients to define their goal while allowing the creation of a truly unique product. Our unique methodology is founded on UNDERSTANDING OF TASTE TENDENCIES, GRAPHIC DESIGN, SOCIO-ETHNIC AND CULTURAL TRADITIONS and takes into account the comparative analysis of regional and national customer preferences and specificities of the market.
Acting as a generator of ideas, the S-Design team accompanies our clients in their mission to improve, operate and further develop their prospective brands. Our vision, approach and methodology guarantee right decisions based on an in-depth understanding of the core ideas and the potential of each brand, providing TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS for each product.
The development of key legends, semiotic and semantic brands-tools by our creative team continuously bring substantial financial returns to S-Design customers. Our team understands that BRANDS NEED TO RAISE AND KINDLE EMOTIONS. Finally, any truly successful brand will establish a real and lasting connection with the consumer.
Our principal desire is to create products that generate a high market demand. Each developed packaging should be UNIQUE AND EXPRESSIVE, while serving your brand development aims.
We are convinced that success of any project originates from ELEMENTS OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. Working in close collaboration with glass manufacturers, packaging companies, editors, jewelers and technology specialists, WE CREATE IDEAS THAT FORM PACKAGING OF TOMORROW.
While maintaining their established trust, the design brings new interpretations to the brand, refreshes and extends the brand’s customer community.
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